Great customer service starts with trusting your service provider.

The reputation and success of our company rest on making you satisfied with our services. We take pride in our services, which is why we offer you a complete money-back guarantee on all services purchased through our website if you are not happy with them.

You can count on the WBO. We have provided remarkable results for our clients.
Still not satisfied with WBO Services?  We are so confident that we will take your business to greater heights and add another milestone to your revenue more efficiently that we offer an unprecedented MONEY BACK GUARANTEE*. If after using our services for 7 days you are not convinced with the results to make your business more efficient, we will refund 100% of your fees with- “NO QUESTIONS ASKED.”

*Aside from disablement for terms and conditions.

Amazon ads policy

Get the ball rolling; sit back and watch the action happen. You won’t even have to move a muscle. We will do all that is needed to bring your ACoS down and take your sales up. We offer guaranteed results, revenue, improvement, and performance that are better than your current or existing Amazon Ads. If we aren’t able to achieve the results, we will give the money back within 2 working days. The guarantee we offer may be different for each client. Depending on their previous marketing activities, available analytics data, and our experience within their market, after a PPC consultation, we will be able to understand your needs and perform suitable research to provide a proposal and guarantee.

Scrutinization & Ratification

The client shall inspect any of the services performed or deliverables performed by the WBO before acceptance. If the services performed are unsatisfactory

Guarantee Clause

If any defect is not corrected by re-performance, or fails to promptly conform to the services and/or deliverables as defined by the requirements or specifications even after the revisions

Refund process

We believe in our highest quality services so much that if you are not 100% satisfied with the task or service that you have purchased from our website, we will refund your money.